Haikou Airport Services

In this page you’ll find the Services options at Haikou Meilan Airport.

Haikou Meilan International Airport (HAK), is an airport serving Haikou, in the Hainan province in China. Concretely, the airport is located in the Guoxing Avenue, about 40 km from Haikou city centre.

HAK Airport has one unique passenger Terminal, where you can find the following airlines:

- China Eastern: 0086-21-95530
- China United Airlines: 0086-4001026666
- China Southern Airlines: 0086-4008695539-1-4
- Air China: 0086-10-95583
- Donghai Airlines: 0086-4000888666
- Funzhou Airlines: 0086-591-95071666
- GX Airlines: 0086-771-95071111
- T’way Air: 0086-1688-8686
- Changdu Airlines: 0086-28-66668888
- Capital Airlines: 0086-898-95071999
- Hainan Airlines: 0086-898-95339
- Juneyao Airlines: 0086-21-95520
- Lucky Air: 0086-871-95071950
- Jestar Asia: 0086-4001201260
- Tiger Air: 0086-4006428628
- 9 Air: 0086-4001051999
- Hebei Airlines: 0086-311-96699
- Dragon Air: 0086-4008886628
- Loongair: 0086-571-89999999
- Dailan Airlines: 0086-411-95583
- Asiana Airlines: 0086-4006508000
- Kunming Airlines: 0086-0871-96598
- Air Guilin: 0086-0773-9507101
- Ok Air: 0086-4000668866
- Shenzhen Airlines: 0086-755-95361
- Shandong Airlines: 0086-531-95369
- Shanghai Airlines: 0086-21-95530
- Sichuan Airlines: 0086-28-88888888
- Qingdao Airlines: 0086-532-96630
- Air Changan: 0086-29-95071199
- Malaysia Airlines: 603-7843-3000
- Tianjin Airlines: 0086-898-950710
- West Air: 0086-23-950716
- Xiamen Air: 0086-592-2226666
- China Airlines: 0086-4008886998
- Hongkong Airlines: 0086-898-950715
- Urumqi Air: 0086-991-95071059
- China Express Airlines: 0086-4006006633
- Jiangxi Airlines: 0086-791-96300
- Far Eastern Air Transport: 886-02-2712-1555
- Suparna Airlines: 0086-950719

At Haikou Meilan Airport you can also find the following Services and Facilities:

- Restaurants and cafeterias
- Free Wifi access
- Duty free
- Banks and ATMs
- Currency Exchange
- Services for passengers with reduced mobility
- Postal services
- Baby Care Lounge (located in front of Gate 20 in the Domestic flights area and in the International area on the right)
- One-stop ticket purchasing service
- Baggage services: baggage wrapping, missing baggage and left baggage
- Lost and Found: 0898-69966724/ 0898-69966725
- Cargo services
- Business room: in front of the terminal B area: with some privae rooms, an outdoor tropical garden, a tropical forest and a lounge. At the lounge you can find magazines and newspapers, wifi access and other services. The pass costs 390 CNY per passengers and it works from 5:30h until 22:00h.
- Easy Flying services: a lounge on the right from Gate 3 with 60 seats, rest area, reading area, self-service dining area, computer entertainment area; assistance in check-in procedures, check-in baggage, flight information and special VIP security services. From 5:30h to 22:00h. Price is 390 CNY per passenger.
- Medical services: 0898-65751920

Special Assistance

- Special Love for special you service
- Naughty Traveler service
- Sunset Glow service
- Family Affection accompainying Service
- Wheelchair reservation service

Haikou VIP services

At Haikou Meilan International Airport you can also find a Business/VIP Area which is open from 5:30h until the departure of the last flight taken by VIP passengers. The VIP Services include:

- Handle departure, boarding pass, baggage and insurance purchase (overweight baggage is not included)
- VIP room with newspapers, magazines, TV, flight information, self-service tea, drinks and cakes
- Security check-in passage and parking area just for VIP parking
- Staff to guide to the boarding gate or for some VIP transportation
- For reservations: mljcgbs@mlairport.com/ 0898-69966001

First Class services

You can access to the First Class services through the A VIP security to the third floor, a quiet big lounge with a capacity for up to 260 seats. You can have an exclusive check-in counter, VIP security access, first class cabin lounge, buffets, VIP car drop-off, guidance etc… There are also some massage chairs and bathrooms. It is open from 4:00h until the last flight departure. The first class services should be purchased 2 hours before the departure of the first international flight he prices are the following:
- Terminal guidance + check-in+ first class lounge rest VIP car drop-off: 480 CNY
- Terminal guidance + Check-in + First class lounge rest: 380 CNY
- First class lounge: 280 CNY
- VIP car drop-off: 80 CNY